HockeyHandlez Featured on Blue Seat Blogs

HockeyHandlez Featured on Blue Seat Blogs

Here at HockeyHandlez we are hockey fanatics, just like you! As such, we stay up to date with our favorite teams, manage fantasy hockey teams and stay abreast of the overall NHL landscape from season to season. Having grown up in the greater New York area, our personal favorite Rangers blog, bar none, is Blue Seat Blogs ( Dave Shapiro is the founder and has put together a solid line up of writers who do a great job discussing all goings on in Rangerland.

Dave was kind enough to let us leverage his platform back when we were beginning our foray into the world of broken hockey sticks, grilling and BBQ utensils. Time has flown since then and we are very grateful for the opportunity to get the word out to his audience. That guest post on Blue Seat Blogs was our first little taste of digital ink and help us jump start sales of our 3 piece grill sets! We're continuing to build momentum and grow and have enjoyed some wonderful opportunities since then (see previous HockeyHandlez blog posts) but will always look favorably upon our Blue Seat Blogs cameo! Read the full article here:

And we encourage any Ranger fans to add Blue Seat Blogs into their daily regiment of Ranger reading!

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