HockeyHandlez to be featured on Cooking With RallSauce

HockeyHandlez to be featured on Cooking With RallSauce

Some hockey sticks are born to be in the hands of NHLers and score big goals on the big screen. Others are not given as fair of a shake. This is a reminder that there is more than one path to stardom and there is merit in the road less traveled. Take, for example, the tale of Sherman Wood. Sherman was born an unassuming, run of the mill hockey stick put in the hands of a bender like myself to toil in the mediocrity of the local adult hockey league circuit- until one day, he inevitably snaps in half. No accolades, no bright lights for poor Sherman..... until he gets his lucky break.

That's when the boys from Cooking with RallSauce (@rallsauce) reached out to HockeyHandlez (@hockeyhandlez) on Instagram and everything changed for young Sherman Wood. RallSauce will be back in May for Season 3 of Cooking with RallSauce and we thought it fitting to supply them with a HockeyHandlez 3pc Grillset! There are plenty of cooking shows on the circuit these days, but few are cut from the same cloth as Cooking with RallSauce. If you like your cooking shows packed with energy, beer and shenanigans you should tune in. 

RallSauce hails from the beautiful District of Muskoka- where they absolutely know how to let loose once the weather warms after enduring those tough Canadian winters. Well, we're about to enter another summer season up in Muskoka and with it comes another season of Cooking with RallSauce! We can't wait to see Sherman (aka the latest HockeyHandlez 3pc Grillset) get his big break on the silver screen! 


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