HockeyHandlez Welcomes Jeremy Roenick to the Family

HockeyHandlez Welcomes Jeremy Roenick to the Family

Jeremy Roenick's love for the game of hockey and scoring goals is undeniable. Originally drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks 8th overall in 1988, Jeremy enjoyed an illustrious and wildly successful 21 year career. In NHL history, only 39 individuals have more career goals to their name. Among American born players, he has the 4th most all time goals and points. Since retiring, JR is arguably the most enjoyable and colorful NHL commentator. You can currently find him on the NBC Sports Network (NBCSN). 

Needless to say, when Jeremy reached out to us on Instagram (@hockeyhandlez) to compliment us on our 3 piece grill sets, we were beyond stoked. Admittedly a big grill guy and someone who loves all things barbecue, we couldn't get a set of HockeyHandlez BBQ tools in his hands fast enough. 

If our Grill Sets are up to the task for a with mitts as silky as JR, we're sure they'll get the job done for you! All metal surfaces are made of non stick stainless steel for easy clean up and a sharp look. Our spatula comes equipped with a bottle opener, meat tenderizer and serrated edge for carving up whatever it is you pull off the grill!

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