Go Green Mission

Here at HockeyHandlez, our mission is to make customized, high-quality, hand-crafted products from broken hockey sticks which would otherwise be thrown out and end up in landfills. We're doing our part to promote sustainability in the hockey community.

We're excited to be part of a growing community of people, players and coaches all dedicated to making hockey an eco-friendly and sustainable sports environment! Let’s all go green and keep our old hockey sticks from piling up in landfills! 

Here's how it works:

1) Package your broken stick / sticks and mail to:


1511 Rt 22, Suite 266

Brewster, NY 10509

Please include your Name and Email along with your package.

2) Email us at hockeyhandlez@gmail.com to let us know your stick(s) are on the way. We will confirm when received.

3) Redeem your reward. 

- We can turn YOUR broken stick into a HockeyHandlez product for 20% off

-We will extend the same 20% off to anything you add to your cart

-Receive 15% off from our GoGreen partner- Coastal Hockey (more info below).

In addition to doing your part to keep our sport as eco-friendly as possible, this is a great gift idea to keep in mind for yourself or those close to you. Does your significant other play hockey? Send us their stick to turn into a 3pc Grillset they can now flip burgers with! Maybe you grew up playing have an old broken twig in the basement- what better way to thank your mom or dad for getting you to all those early morning practices, than gifting them one of your old broken sticks re-purposed as something they can enjoy and show off at their next backyard banger?

Coastal-Hockey-Handlez Go Green Mission

HockeyHandlez is partnering with Coastal Hockey to take our Go Green Mission one step further. Coastal Hockey is a stick manufacturer with a unique focus on sustainability. The core of their mission is to put a hockey stick in every player's hands at a price that won't make you cringe. COHO is committed to protecting the places we play for generations to come. Whether it's your local arena or your backyard rink, they hope to raise awareness and inspire the hockey community towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Coastal Hockey has a unique line of hockey sticks for adult and youth players at very affordable prices. You can check them out at: https://coastalhockey.co/