HockeyHandlez 3pc Grillset

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This item is individually hand crafted from broken hockey sticks; as such each HockeyHandlez 3pc Grillset is unique and different from any other. Add in the fact that customers can customize the color skate laces of their set when ordering from our website and your HockeyHandlez Grillset is sure to turn heads! This item pairs very well with our HockeyHandlez Koozie, after all it's important to keep your drink cold when manning the grill. Grab yourself one from our store! 


HockeyHandlez 3pc Grillset Features:

Spatula- equipped with bottle opener, meat tenderizer and serrated edge



All metal surfaces made of non-stick stainless steel for easy cleaning. Store indoors between uses, do not machine wash.


Choose your lace color (please let us know in the notes section at checkout): White, Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Neon Pink, Purple, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Neon Green, Dark Green.

White laces will be selected if color is not specified at checkout.